Blogger has made it easier than ever to change your
backgrounds! If you use their Template Designer,
I have added some backgrounds that you might like
and they are just the right size!
Simply click to enlarge then right click and save.

Change your blog background as often as you wish!
It is so easy, just follow the simple directions below.

I have posted here some 2 column and 3 column
backgrounds for use on Blogger's Minima Template.
I have also included matching headers for that
added touch.

A Thank You is always appreciated
AND it takes less time than it takes for me
to make these for you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Custom header for Liz

Right click, then copy image location, paste to header

I thought this might match your background (for a while)

1 comment:

Dillie said...

I love my header!! Awesome!! Another beautiful header!! Thank you so much for all you do.